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Front Tubular Wishbones - Lancer EVO VII-IX

Front Tubular Wishbones - Lancer EVO VII-IX

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Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VII-IX Front Tubular Wishbones

The kit consists of all the parts visible on the pictures:
- Front lightweight tubular wishbones (left + right)
- Two standard height pins for uprights.
- Two extended height pins for uprights.
- Four M18 Motorsport C0 tight fit rod ends. They are made in Europe, not in China.
- Four M18 half-size screw locking nuts.
- Four spacer sleeves for assembling the rod ends in the front subframe.
- Two M22 Teflon lined spherical plain motorsport C0 tight fit bearings vibration/resonance resistant.

- Comes preassembled ready for fitment in the car
- Pin is tilted to allow more suspension travel
- Allow increased caster and camber adjustment
- Can be used with a standard front subframe
- Greater strength over OEM wishbones

Technical details
- Full 3D CAD designed
- FEA Tested and additional reinforcement to the original design was made
- Manufactured from T45 tubing and S355 steel
- Pins made from high strength steel and KTL coated
- All TIG Welded

OEM wishbone weight is 3.10 kg. Our wishbones are 2.95 kg but provide much more rigidity.

Wishbones are powder painted in black as standard. Other color options available at 50 euro additional cost at customer request. RAL paint code must be provided.