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Nissan GT-R R35 Front Lightweight Tubular Subframe
Nissan GT-R R35 Front Lightweight Tubular Subframe
Nissan GT-R R35 Front Lightweight Tubular Subframe
Nissan GT-R R35 Front Lightweight Tubular Subframe
Nissan GT-R R35 Front Lightweight Tubular Subframe
Nissan GT-R R35 Front Lightweight Tubular Subframe

Nissan GT-R R35 Front Lightweight Tubular Subframe

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WAS-300 Fitting Instructions

Nissan GT-R R35 tubular lightweight subframe with -40% of mass reduction from 48.20 lbs (21.85 kg) that the front OEM subframe weights.

Additional pictures of the subframe and some of the cars that use it are below.

Our lightweight tubular subframe is made based on 3D scan of the OEM subframe, completely CAD designed, finite element method 3D tested (FEM), made from T45 piping (full name is: BS4 T45 to BS5T100 / BS6S100 ).

The cross-member is completely TIG welded by hand to ensure absolute quality control with a special Lincoln Electric tig wire that matches tubing tensile and yield properties.

– 13.1 kg / 28.88 lbs that is -40% (8.75 kg / 19.3 lbs) saving over OEM subframe
– T45 (BS4 T45 to BS5T100 / BS6S100) tubing imported from UK and S355 metal sheets
– all components TIG welded
– delivered painted (powder coated) in black or on special order any RAL color
– two front anti-roll bar mounting points. Extra 20 mm to the front are the second mounting points that enable clearing space for dry oil sump piping,
– additional space for easy removal of extended oil pans,
– works with Magnus dry sump kit,
– easier servicing thanks to better access to the underbody
– mounts for OEM or aftermarket undertray
– OEM or aftermarket wishbones can be used.

What is included:
– front subframe is painted black (other colors +50 euro. RAL palette color number must be provided).
– printed install instructions

Used in:
– Nissan GT-R R35

– 54401-62B0B
– 54401-38B0A

T45 tubing is a very unique seamless carbon-based steel tube which has been used in many applications in different industries. It is stronger than Co-Mo 4130 (Chromoly) tubing, also used in motorsport. T45 is widely used in the aerospace sector in equipment such as pilots’ seats and crew’s seats due to the material’s ability to withstand high G forces without snapping or splitting. This material is Carbon Manganese based and conforms to the full Aerospace Specification laid down by British Standards. Properties for T45 are Tensile: 700 – 900MPa, 0.2% Yield 620MPa minimum Hardness Test: 201min – 262 max HB or 210min – 275max HV. We also use S355 metal sheets in the subframe.

The size of the subframe is 964,8 x 844,5 x 168,8 mm (length x width x height).

Notice: Sold only for the off-road, race track, and racing applications. If the buyer wants to use the parts elsewhere it is up to them to arrange appropriate documents. We strongly advise mounting the subframe in a qualified and experienced workshop.


Some of the cars using our subframes:

Alpha Performance Dubai - both very fast cars use front and rear subframes

broemmler gtr r35

Broemmler Motorsport Track 800HP GTR (Germany)

importracing gtr r35 lightweight tubular subframe

Importracing Alexander Wutzke 700HP track GTR (Germany)

materialmord shop gtr r35

Materialmord Paul Dziubek 2056HP Drag GTR (Germany)

t1 mitch gtr r35

T1 Race Development Mitch Michaels Drag 7 second GTR (USA)


Bob Wang R35 1605WHP by Jotech Motorsports (USA)


Kenny Tran GTR R35 1500HP by Jotech Motorsports (USA)

WAS-300-Nissan-GT-R-GTR-R35-subframe-front-3d-scan-2 WAS-300-Nissan-GT-R-GTR-R35-subframe-front-3d-scan-1 WAS-300-Nissan-GT-R-GTR-R35-3d-lighweight-tubular-subframe-front-6 WAS-300-Nissan-GT-R-GTR-R35-3d-lighweight-tubular-subframe-front-5 WAS-300-Nissan-GT-R-GTR-R35-3d-lighweight-tubular-subframe-front-4 WAS-300-Nissan-GT-R-GTR-R35-3d-lighweight-tubular-subframe-front-3 IMG_6612 (1) post-13918-0-76003700-1525022429 (1) What customers say about fitment: Przechwytywanie1 Przechwytywanie3