Front solid subframe bushings for Audi C4

Front solid subframe bushings for Audi C4

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Front subframe solid steel and aluminium bushings for Audi S4 / S6 / UrS4 / UrS6 ( C4 ). It is an upgrade to OEM 4A0399415B and 4A0399419E / 4A0399420E

What’s included (kit for one car):
– two steel mounts for the rear of the front subframe
– four aluminum bushings for the front of the front subframe
– two M12 steel screws with washers

– S355 steel TIG welded and silver galvanized
– Aluminium bushings silver anodized
– 10.9 grade M12 screws

Fits cars:
– Audi 100 C4
– Audi S4 C4
– Audi UrS4 C4
– Audi S6 C4
– Audi UrS6 C4

Notice: The M12 screws included in the kit are for the rear steel mounts. For the front aluminum bushings, the OEM screws are to be used.

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