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Aluminium Subframe Bushings late B4 front

Aluminium Subframe Bushings late B4 front

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Get rid of your old rubber bushings and insert aluminium ones that will increase stability of the car in the corner. Aluminium subframe bushings will give your suspension possibility to hold desired geometry under the forces while the car is maneuvering on the road. Now the subframe will not shift and the car will fill much more firm holding desired camber, caster and other geometry setups.

The bushings enable 10 mm subframe movement that will enable more caster and wider wheel spacing in the car for improved stability.

What's Included:
- 8 pices of aluminium bushings (12 mm bolt hole) that work with one of the cars axles

- CAD designed CNC cut 7075 aluminium
- Anodized in silver
- Completely replaces OEM bushings to eliminate unwanted suspension movement
- More precise feel and quicker reactions to steering input
- Will not compress, crack or separate like rubber bushings
- Created to reduce unwanted suspension flex