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Rear Anti Roll Bar Bush 12,5mm (Track hardness)

Rear Anti Roll Bar Bush 12,5mm (Track hardness)

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Set for one rear anti-roll bar of polyurethane bushings.

Polyurethane bushings work ideally in performance suspensions. Rubber suspension bushings are a proven compromise in performance vehicles. When additional horsepower is added, plus-size tires then OEM or rubber bushings tend to stress beyond design limits. Polyurethane bushings are strong enough to control movement and maintain wheel alignment. OEM part nr 8D0511327C or 8A0511327B

What’s Included:
– two black polyurethane bushings
– grease for fittings the bushings into anti-roll bar

– polyurethane bushings size 12,5 mm
– stiffness rated 85 ShA

– Audi B4 Sedan/Avant with 12,5 mm rear Anti-roll Bar

OEM part nr 8D0 511 327C or 8A0 511 327B