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Rear Differential Mount - Audi B4/B5 - Track Hardness

Rear Differential Mount - Audi B4/B5 - Track Hardness

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Our aluminum support mount for the rear differential offers reduced driveline movement and better throttle response for cars with increased engine power. Gear shifts are smoother and power can be transferred quickly to the wheels.

Works also with Audi B5 A4 Quattro, S4, RS4 as well as on Audi B4 Quattro Sedan/Avant cars including Audi S2 and RS2. Thicker and stronger aluminum than in competitive products. We use the strongest 7075 aluminum available.

- CNC Machined from Billet 7075 Aluminium
- Silver Anodized to prevent corrosion
- Track hardness polyurethane bushes rated 85 ShA

What’s Included:
- Rear aluminum gearbox aluminum support mount
- Set of black polyurethane bushes
- Aluminium sleeve for the polyurethane bushes

- Audi B4 Quattro Sedan/Avant
- Audi S2 Sedan/Avant
- Audi RS2
- Audi B5 A4 Quattro
- Audi B5 S4
- Audi B5 RS4

8A0 599 133B / 8A0599133B